Purifying treatment

For any type of skin

Purifying effect, skin tone lightening, smoothing of impure and mature skin. Face becomes fresh and firm.

Duration - 1 hour

Price - 260zł


Diamond microdermabrasion for dry or blemished skin with seborrheic changes.

Process of gentle, mechanical exfoliation which as a result gives purifying effect. Eliminates hyperkeratosis and dryness of the skin, additionally providing skin tone lightening

>Duration - 1 hour

Price - 150zł


Cavitation peeling

Method of painless thorough skin cleansing without any side effects. It prepares the skin for other treatments.

Duration - 0,5 hour

Price - 50zł


For additional information or in order to make a reservation please contact the SPA reception:

tel. + 48 728 446 530
e-mail: spa@hotelmlyn.pl

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